Why we love working with our clients

Developing meaningful working relationships is always a two-way street. Here at LOKi, we love partnering with clients to work towards a common goal, hand-in-hand. These are some of the reasons why we enjoy the relationship with our clients.

1. Collaborative and responsive

With our most successful projects, our internal team collaborates consistently with our clients to gain their inputs on the production process. This spans from initial planning, to concept development, to strategy and optimisation.

As agency partners we bring marketing expertise, valuable insights of the consumer landscape as well as thorough mastery of marketing channels like digital platforms. In the most ideal of collaborations, our clients will chime in with their business objectives as well as key insights from their client base.

It's also always amazing when clients are responsive to questions and comprehensive in their answers, so we can gain a greater understanding of what exactly they want to achieve for us to work with them towards that objective.

2. Like us, Clients value efficiency

It's important for both parties to have an established mutual respect for time and efficiency. We want to focus on things that matter, so we work best with clients that are open to cutting away inefficiencies in communication. It’s important to trim the fat!

On our end, LOKi always stays on top of things. Getting into meetings prepared with points of discussions, outlines of the meeting goals, as well as clear expectations are the very basics. Furthermore, we use a multitude of tools and dashboards to empower our clients with tangible, real data to engage in clearer and more informed decision-making on how to move forward in their marketing strategies.

Moreover, LOKi maximises the use of collaborative tools online for clients, so as to save time and effort when our clients review work and provide feedback. We want to make it easy for you to achieve the highest efficiency possible.

3. Commitment to high-quality of work

The LOKi team thrives off sweating the smallest of details to produce the highest quality output possible for our clients. While we're meticulous and thorough in our work, it's taken onto the next level when our clients commit to consistent and active involvement.

Clients that choose to experience this journey with us will help contribute to a more conducive and enthusiastic work environment, with everyone working towards the greatest fulfilment of the creative process. Good vibes all around!

4. Feedback is great

Working with clients that have a vision on what they want helps us set an objective and direction for a project.

Communication, too, is obviously pivotal in this process. With a common perspective on the expected process and product, it's clearer to us on what we can all do to realise the results you desire.

Through the eyes of experienced clients, not only do we understand the work better - we also gain expanded knowledge on our client's industry, which motivates us to do more comprehensive and relevant work.

We also love feedback! Opening up channels for open communication on what edits are best, or what more input we should consider helps us do better. Constructive criticism is the backbone of improvement and growth, so we can create content better suited to the client's needs and demands.

5. Trust

Ultimately, we are working together, and hence our objective should always be to support each other.

From our end, as an agency, our main goal is to ensure that our client's goals and brand goals are achieved. Hence, we seek to earn the trust of our clients through our consistent results and accomplishments, as well as our accountability for progress.

Continued trust comes from both sides. To sustain the confidence our clients have in us, we go out of the way to understand their needs and be a worthy partner to work alongside them in the trajectory of their brand's development and growth.

We believe there's no miscommunication that an honest, sit-down conversation can't solve. However, we also firmly espouse the fact that effort must come from all sides for a long-lasting, symbiotic relationship.

Do reach out to us if you're in search of an open-minded, receptive and efficient marketing strategy partner to work with towards furthering your brand!

Michelle Teh
General Manager LOKi
What's the biggest room in the world?

It's the room for improvement.
On this note, we would love to extend our deepest appreciation to the clients who have taken a chance on us and created awesome work with us!

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